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The Importance of a Lasik Consultation

Before choosing to have LASIK treatment, you should have a thorough eye examination and LASIK assessment performed by your optometrist and ophthalmologist, respectively.

During the eye exam, your optometrist will determine your prescription and examine your eye health to ensure you are a strong candidate for LASIK. Your pupils will be dilated during this test both to examine the interior of your eyes thoroughly and to loosen up the focus of the eyes to get the most precise refraction.

Follow-ups are necessary to monitor results. During these visits, your eye care team may collect information to track and monitor progress and performance.

LASIK is a standard refractive treatment used to treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. It is essential to recognize exactly how your eyes operate. Your eyes work tirelessly to convert light signals right into images that are processed by your brain. These signals are sent to the brain where images are refined. When your vision isn’t clear, it can suggest that your cornea, the eye’s outer lens is too rounded to process light correctly or it may indicate that your eyeball is too short. Regardless, the purpose of LASIK is to correct precisely how your eyes process light.

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