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What happens at a LASIK consolation?

If you have been thinking about having LASIK, and had a LASIK consultation but have not pulled the trigger yet on moving forward with the procedure, it may be for good reason. It could be your gut telling you that you are unsure about the practice or maybe all of your questions have not been answered. Maybe you just do not have enough information yet to make the decision to have LASIK. In these situations, or even if you were told you were not an ideal candidate, getting a second opinion is an excellent decision. A second LASIK consultation will help you feel confident in your decision and raise any red flags you did not pick up the first time around. Most importantly, good doctors highly suggest it, as it is always important to do your research and feel good about the LASIK surgery decision you make.

Round Rock LASIK consultation

The eye exam may be performed separately by your family eye doctor, and your LASIK surgeon will repeat measurements that are important for the surgical decision making. Or your LASIK surgeon can perform your entire LASIK exam and consultation. It’s also possible to get both the exam and consultation done on surgery day by your LASIK surgeon or an eye doctor employed by the surgeon or laser center.

If you have your LASIK consultation on the same day as your surgery, it’s important to realize your eyes will not be dilated on that day because the pupil dilation could affect the positioning of the laser beam over the center of your cornea. If your surgeon feels a dilated eye exam is necessary, it will be performed on a day other than your surgery day.

Two of the most common eye surgeries available today are LASIK and cataract surgery. In LASIK surgery, lasers are used to reshape the eye to improve visual acuity. There are several factors that must be evaluated to determine a person’s eligibility for LASIK.

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