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Why Do I Need A Contact Lens Fitting?

Round Rock Contact Lens like to take a look back to ensure the content we share with our followers is relevant and useful. Here’s our 2018 revamp answering the age old question, “Why do I need a contact lens fitting?”

You’ve been wearing contacts for years, but every 2 years you need to be refit for contacts. Why? Can’t they just look at your previous prescription and renew it? Learn why it’s important to have a contact lens fitting.

A comprehensive eye exam does not include a contact lens fitting. A contact lens fitting can be done at the same visit, but not everyone is automatically fit for contacts. If you come to your eye exam wearing your contact lenses they will be evaluated before the exam by the doctor. Many different factors are involved in fitting contact lenses.

Round Rock Contact Lens Fitting

During your contact lens evaluation, we will go over the different options with you. We may even have some suggestions you hadn’t thought of. What about patients that wear bifocals or use cheaters? Maybe you’ve been using cheaters all this time and didn’t realize there were multifocal contact lens options available. Monovision is another option for those needing help seeing up close. With monovision, one eye wears a contact for distance vision; the other eye wears one for near. Some patients may function even better with a contact lens in one eye only.

There are many factors involved in choosing the best contact lens for each patient, and things can change in as little as a few months. What if your contact lens prescription hasn’t changed? Well, then your current contact lenses will be evaluated on your eyes to ensure they still fit well and are not causing any eye damage.

If you are looking for an alternative to glasses contact lenses are a great choice. There are a wide range of contact lens types: soft, hard, toric, multifocal, colored and many more. Our doctors are all highly experienced with all types of contact lenses.

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