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5 Benefits of Wearing Good Quality Sunglasses

Doctors have found that sunglasses do more than make a fun fashion statement in the spring and summer. They also protect your eyes from the harmful UV light the sun emits.

Your eyes have multiple components with specific jobs, including the cornea, eyelid, lens, and retina. They all need protection from this light. You can schedule a professional eye health service in Round Rock with Clearly Eye Care, LLC, and we can determine if your sunglasses are good quality and beneficial.


The Importance of Sunglasses


Many people throw on any pair of sunglasses so they can see better while driving on a sunny day. However, wearing cheaply-made ones or incorrectly wearing good sunglasses does little to protect you from the sun’s rays. You may be missing out on numerous health benefits by choosing poor-quality glasses.

Sunglasses are great eye protective gear to wear 365 days a year, even after the hot days of summer have passed. You may wonder why wearing them year-round is so critical. Here are five benefits of wearing good quality sunglasses to consider when choosing a new pair.


1. Eye Protection and Safety


Perhaps the most important benefit of good quality sunglasses is the protection they offer your eyes.

The best sunglasses protect all of the sun’s UV rays from damaging your eyes, along with:

  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Small rocks
  • Other flying debris

These tiny particles could get in your eye and scratch your cornea, but top-quality and stylish sunglasses are a protective barrier and helpful in all weather conditions. Sunglasses work even in snowy, rainy, stormy, or cloudy conditions, so you should wear them daily to enjoy their perks.

Children also have more sensitive eyes than adults because they are still maturing. Therefore, kids need to wear high-quality sunglasses even more than adults. Children and adults can receive an eye health service in Round Rock, TX, from Clearly Eye Care, LLC. All ages should wear protective sunglasses.


2. Improved Outdoor Vision


Woman wearing dark sunglasses on a sunny day

It can be difficult and painful to see when standing in the blinding sun, but it is potentially dangerous when driving or crossing the street. The sun’s glare and bright light are minimized when you wear good sunglasses, making outdoor activities more enjoyable. Reflective glares are no match for properly-worn sunglasses that are made well.

No matter what you’re doing outside, you will be glad you wore sunglasses for the entire day when you experience less pain, have an easier time seeing, and have better eyesight. Wearing dark sunglasses outside can also prevent you from straining your eyes and squinting to see in bright settings. As a result, you are investing in your future eye health.


3. Eye Disease Prevention


Making wearing your sunglasses a part of your daily routine now can prevent cataracts, eye cancer, pterygium, and the quick progression of macular degeneration. Harmful eye problems are often due to large amounts of UV ray exposure, so limiting yours can prolong the chances you’ll have any.

Specifically, good quality sunglasses can protect your eyes against the following conditions that can cause a range of adverse effects:

  • Cataracts can progress to blindness and are known for clouding the eye’s lens and causing a yellow blurriness.
  • Macular degeneration can also progress into blindness because the part of your eye responsible for clear and detailed vision deteriorates.
  • Eye cancer can permanently alter your eyesight and potentially cause irreversible health problems.
  • Pterygium can cause too much tissue to grow on your eye.

If you currently experience any eye conditions, wearing protective sun glasses any time you step outside can prevent them from worsening.


4. Decrease the Likelihood of Migraines and Headaches


Man wearing sunglasses with dark lenses while working

Intense headaches or long-lasting migraines can interrupt your day and cause hours of pain and frustration. You may find it hard to concentrate and try to Advil as much as possible to make them go away.

Bright lights may trigger headaches and migraines, but popping on some sunglasses can help decrease their severity or frequency. Sunglasses with dark lenses may be an even better choice, and our optometrists at Clearly Eye, LLC can help recommend a stylish and safe pair for you.


5. Heal Better From Eye Surgery


Every year, many patients require eye surgery for numerous reasons, but everyone’s goal is to heal well and, hopefully, improve their eyesight. Some people may schedule Lasik eye surgery, while others need corrections for cataracts. These surgeries have more successful results when the patient takes proper care of themselves during the healing process.

Listen to the advice of your eye doctor on the best steps to take after any eye surgery procedure. One recommendation that Clearly Eye, LLC can offer is to invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses before the surgery. Show your glasses to the optometrist so they can assess the quality and fit of your sunglasses, perhaps suggesting the best options, if there are any.

What can good quality sunglasses do for you while healing from surgery?

  • Improve the healing process and allow the procedure to work as planned
  • Allow you to perform your daily routine with a protective barrier
  • Keep your eyesight safe from UV rays and dirt or debris in the air

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Routine Eye Exam in Clearly Eyecare, LLC

Wearing high-quality sunglasses isn’t the only way to protect your vision and prevent eye conditions. Scheduling routine eye exams is also an important step in promoting eye health.

Clearly Eyecare, LLC can provide comprehensive eye exams for you and your family and determine ways to improve the health of your eyes. Our advanced technology detects eye problems before they begin while in their early stages, keeping you safer and taking preventive measures.

We also offer contact lens fittings, allergy and dry eye treatments, Lasik consultations, cataract evaluations, and pediatric treatments. We provide glaucoma screenings and management as a beneficial eye health service in Round Rock, Texas.

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